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A promising young entrepreneur approached Critical Mass with a single-flavor formula, a questionable label, and a dream.  Over the course of the next 2 years of Operations Leadership and Execution by Critical Mass, we developed brilliantly packaged Organic cold-pressed lemon juice in 18 different flavors and serviced a growing retailer base at a high level.  We prepared LP for massive sales growth by executing a contract packer road map that enabled the company to transition into Aseptic Shelf Stable across the country and service demand on-time and accurately.  Massive Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) reductions at ever-higher sales levels were achieved as the contract packer road map was executed generating handsome returns for LP shareholders and the vision of a young entrepreneur realized… Critical Mass Achieved!

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Lemon Perfect bottles in ice cooler
  • Launched the 3-sku LP product line in Cold-Chain HPP in 2018.

  • Launched the 5-sku LP product line in Aseptic Shelf Stable in 12oz in 2019 at regional scale.

  • Launched the 7-sku LP product line in Aseptic Shelf Stable in 15.2oz in 2023 at national scale.

Lemon Perfect bottle in supermarket

On-Time & Accurate Service Level rates of 99.6% over 4 years.

COGS reduction of 80% over 5 years

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